What is the purpose of this website?
The purpose of JT website is entertainment and building a distant relationship. When you chat and exchange letters with beautiful women, you feel more relaxed; you can share all your deep thoughts and emotions with the ladies. This way you get rid of stress and problems and you feel needed by a beautiful lady.

What about can I chat here?
You can chat and write letters just about anything, except what is considered violation of the laws like pedophilia and other criminal activities.

How can I contact Support?
Please visit Contacts page and choose the convenient way of contact.

Site usage

How do I become a member of JuicyTalks website?
It’s very fast and easy to do. Please go to the page Login/Register Free and fill in the forms. After doing so you will be able to log in and use the services.

I forgot my login and password. How can I retrieve it?

After the registering procedure was complete, your login information has been sent to your e-mail address. Please check it. You can also retrieve the password if you forgot it.

I have forgotten my login and password totally and I can’t find it in my e-mail box!
Please go to the Contacts section and send us your e-mail address and the name you’ve used during registration. We will send you the login information again.

How can I delete my profile?
Please go to the Contacts section and send us the written request by email for your profile to be closed. It will be closed within 1 business day. You can also hide your profile and reactivate it later.


Where do I send and receive my e-mails?
Please log in to your profile and open the “Mailbox”. There you will see the “Inbox”, where you can read the incoming mail from ladies. And the “Compose Mail” option, which opens the window where you can write your message to a lady.

How to contact women from your site?
The first step is writing her a letter. You can also send them Flirts and start online chats.

I want to write to a lady. How do I know that the girl is still available?
All ladies in the Gallery are available and active. If you write her a letter, she will reply within 1-2 days. If you schedule a chat, she will come and chat with you.

Do you allow direct contact information’s exchange in the letters?
It is not allowed to exchange any contact information and initiate meetings with ladies.

What if I include my personal contact information in my letter or ask for the lady’s contacts?
We regret, but we will delete that information from your letter, but for all that the remaining text will stay intact.

What if a woman, who I wrote a letter to, doesn't want to have correspondence with me? Do I lose a credit?
Only in our website you have a wonderful opportunity to try contact any lady without any risk to loose a credit. If for some reason lady declines your first letter, you will get your credit back and can try again with some other. You will never use your credit in vain!

How quickly do emails go to ladies and how quickly do most girls give responses?
It can vary, but usually it only takes one day for you to get a response. The ladies are highly interested in correspondence and they always find time to reply.

Am I charged for opening a letter from a lady?
You are not charged for that. If it is a reply to your letter, opening is included into a Credit. If it’s the first lady’s letter to you, it’s also free to read.

I would like to know if there is a limit of characters allowed while emailing a lady?
There is a limit of 5000 characters per one letter. It’s more then 1,5 completely filled out A4 pages.

I am not a great letter writer; will I have trouble writing to a lot of women?
Writing letters is not difficult. Just relax and write about what you like in life and ask questions to the lady concerning her life and plans for the future etc. You will like the correspondence process, it’s really exciting.

In what language does the communication go?
All communications go in English language.

Services & Gifts

Are your services free?
At the beginning you receive 2 FREE email credits to chat and write letters, then you need to purchase some more to proceed.

Your services are quite costly! Why 12 USD per e-mail?
We provide professional services and our prices are competitive, if you check other sites you’ll see that our services are up to price standard and the main service – correspondence – is much cheaper then at other websites of such kind.

What are the ways I can pay by?
The most convenient way is via credit card right from your home or office. We accept credit cards of all major issuers. Also we offer various convenient ways of payment, which you are able to use at any place in the world.

You have very nice pictures of the bouquets and presents. Are they delivered as they are shown on picture?
We cooperate with professional florists and best gift shops in the city. They will really make a wonderful gift which will stay in memory for a long time.

Can I order delivery of a gift that is not listed?
Yes, it’s possible. If you don’t find a suitable gift in our Shop, you can order any gift by the “Special Order” service. We will provide you with the details and the price of a special gift.

What are the rules on changes and cancellations - our returns and refund policy?
Any gift or service, ordered with the help of credit card can not be cancelled and the funds are not refundable. You can change the service to another one anytime by your written request via email.


What about the privacy of my messages?
Your letters are read by women only. The staff of JuicyTalks can read it only at work needs.

Will my lady be able to find out that I correspond with somebody else?
Your mailbox has no access of anybody except you. Correspondence and your meetings are confidential and lady is not notified about them.


Can a lady ask me for money (scam me)?
In JuicyTalks there is no way for a woman to scam you. Our system has no way for a man to send money to a girl. Ladies know that and will never ask you for money for any needs.

Is it OK to send money to the women I correspond with?
No, we don’t let our ladies to ask for money and we don’t proceed any payments as we fight with scam.


What is PhotoManager used for?
It is used for the comfortable exchange of photos between you and the ladies you like.

How do I send a photo to a lady?
You need to open your PhotoManager and click “Your Photos”. Here you can upload the photos up to 1MB large each and JPG format. To send a photo to a lady, click the icon “Send to Lady” on top of each photo and choose lady recipient. Or choose several photos by ticking them and click “Send all selected photos” button.

Can the ladies send photos to me via PhotoManager?
Yes, they bring them to UFMA and we scan and send them to your profile. To see the new photos, please click on “Incoming Photos” in your PhotoManager. To view photos in full size you need to accept them.

How do I see the photos I accepted?
Open “Ladies’ Photos” area in your PhotoManager and see the accepted photos. You can download photos to your computer from here.

Why do I need to pay for the Photo Credits? Why isn’t this a free service?
We had the photo exchange service absolutely free for a very long time, but as we are getting lots of photos to be sent each way every day, we can’t process them for free any more. For the photo credits we offer the fast delivery of photos and printing them for the ladies, also we scan their photos to be sent to you.

How do you deduct photo credits?
You use one credit for accepting each lady’s photo and sending each photo of yours to a lady. Uploading your photos is free! We hope you will enjoy using PhotoManager!

What are the Chats?
This is the instant messaging option on the JT website which allows you the both ways messaging with a lady. This is a great opportunity to communicate with a lady online, get answers to all questions and make the good connection with her.

How to start the chat session with a lady?
There are two ways for this. First one – visit the Online Ladies page and if your lady is online now, she will be there. So click the Start Chat button near her profile and after a few seconds the chat will begin. Also you can see the online ladies in the window on the bottom right corner of the website.
Second way – if your lady is not online now but you want to chat with her. Open her profile and click Schedule Romantic Chat on the right from her photo. Now you can choose the convenient time for you when you want to communicate with her. Choose the time and date. The lady will be notified and you will talk with her at that time.

How to chat?
In the chat window please write a message and add a smiley. Click “Send Message” or hot buttons Ctrl+Enter and the lady will receive a message. You will instantly get her reply. If you wish, you can turn on video and audio.
Ask questions, exchange the daily emotions and impressions. Dive into the great communication which will bring you energy and joy.
At the end of the chat click “End Chat” in top right corner.

Why are Chats good for the communication?
They will help you better learn the lady, her character, reaction to different questions and comments. You can chat in real time without waiting for the letter. Book the chat for the convenient moment and enjoy the communication! The girls are very warm, open and friendly. See yourself today!

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