What is this website about?

Hello dear fellow.

My name is Michael. I come from Sweden and for the last 3 year I live in Ukraine, in the beautiful city of Poltava. :)

Same as you did, several years ago I decided to find a woman from Ukraine, because my brother met a wonderful lady when he was traveling to Kiev and they were very happy.

I was not same lucky as my brother and from the very beginning I tried several agencies and free platforms and got scammed there. I was a victim of all possible scams – I was sending women money for visa, for medicines, for gifts. Then I came and met women who were taking me shopping and using me as a credit card for restaurants and bars. At first I thought it was normal and didn’t realize they were playing with me.

 Then I finally met one little honest agency and they helped me find a wonderful girl in Kharkiv. Now I am married to this lady for 3 years already and we live half time in Ukraine and half time in Sweden.

Now I work as a manager for this little agency, which is called JuicyTalks and help them with all I can.

And we have found beautiful ladies who REALLY want to marry foreigners and not just scam them for money and gifts.

My wife is a beautiful lady and I know YOU also want a nice and beautiful lady. There are only good looking girls to be present in our Gallery.

You are welcome to register and get free credits to start talking to girls.

Also write me and I will send you some good matches for free. I am also ready to share my experience with you.


Michael, JT Manager

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What is this website about?

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My name is Eric, I am from France.
And I want to say that it was a pleasure to communicate with the girls here at JT and I am happy that I have found my match Masha #23 here and she came to visit me last month and now we are engaged.
So for anyone I recommend to pursue your goals. Russian women are wonderful.
Erik, France
April 2020


It’s a great service. Keep up the good work. I love your services and the website outlay. It’s a A+ service in all ways.
Michael, Canada

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